What is Multi-Family Syndication?

Investing in real estate can be overwhelming,

especially if it is not your

primary source of income

There’s a lot of time and resources involved to make and sustain a real estate investment.

That’s where Multifamily syndication really shines as it helps you grow your real estate investments passively without having to take up the role of a landlord or lose yourself in tedious legal processes.

Multifamily syndication can help you join with other investors and help you grow bigger, faster.

What is Real Estate Syndication?

Multifamily syndication is a real estate deal in which several investors combine their funds to buy a property.

There are a few roles in a syndication. A Sponsor is responsible for locating the deal, coordinating the transaction and funding, and managing the investment once the transaction has been completed. The General Partner (GP) is this sponsor. In exchange for equity in the real estate, passive investors (Limited Partners or LP) provide the majority of the funds.

A syndication transaction can be made with any sort of real estate investment, but multifamily is now the most common. Many real estate investors like multifamily investing because it often provides steady income and is regarded as one of the safer forms of real estate investments.



Grow your portfolio.
Grow your freedom.

If you’re a beginner and you haven’t invested in multi-family syndication, this is for you. If you have a larger portfolio already, this is for you too. With syndication, we offer people the opportunity to grow their money and consistently provide for a better life.

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