Create the FREEDOM to ENJOY your LIFE.

You shouldn’t have to choose between working or spending time with the people you love.

Do you feel like you have to keep working to pay for your lifestyle? What if there was a way to create passive income that gives you time back to create a better life? Your time is worth more than just making a life…it should be spent enjoying it.


through passive income

Your job is great, but your money is always tied to your time. The moment you stop, your security stops. You only have 24 hours a day, and it can feel like it’s not enough. What if there was a way to build an income stream that lets you have the freedom to enjoy your lifestyle and is tested to be recession resilient time over time?

Multi-family syndication
is the path forward

Most people think multi-family syndication

is too good to be true.

It’s not for you, it’s for people who have more money, and people that are savvy enough to spend years mastering it. The truth is rich people get richer not because of money, but because of access to knowledge.

Multi-family syndication unlocks the opportunity for normal investors to gain the freedom to enjoy their life.

Working with Linda has been a pleasure throughout these last 15 years.

She is a beautiful person inside and outside, interesting and very lucrative, and always extremely professional. She is hard-working, tenacious, an excellent negotiator, and always has her client’s well-being as the number one priority. Having Linda in my life has not only brought me excellent opportunities but more importantly the great pleasure of getting to know her as the awesome person she is.

– Pablo Montalvan | CEO of SoCal Carriers

Working with Linda is always a dream come true in any capacity;

real estate, new business ventures or simply finding a new direction. A common sense approach to a new idea is how Linda applies all her energy to finding a solution or a new avenue. Her approach is so uncommon and so fruitful. The ROI in working with Linda Lim is always positive. I don’t let go of people that get the job done and never disappoint. So, why not make them a friend also? That’s where everyone ends up with Linda. It’s a love affair of a friendship; you never let her go because she will never let you go. Linda is a modern-day Circe, you will be transformed and again never disappointed.

– Allan and Abby Cheng | Co-owners of China Art Jewelry

When God wants to help us, he sends people to us.

That was Linda. I was invited by Linda to invest in a real state project, which was an awesome experience for me and my family, to see how the project took place from scratch and then watch it materialize successfully. Linda’s networking is amazing, but once you meet her you understand why. She is surrounded by so many good people! She is brave, smart, a great mom, a true professional, and has an exceptional work ethic.  If that is not enough she is such a loving, caring, beautiful, and fun girl to be around. I am blessed to have her as a friend and business partner.

Ricardo Santibanez | CEO of Felsa LLC

In many ways, I feel like I manifested Linda because she is everything I dreamed of and more.

She has helped me so much with her expertise in the field of real estate and management. It’s been about 3 years now that we have worked together and I am incredibly grateful for her in all aspects of management and professionalism. She has earned my trust over the past few years. She is also very thoughtful in the investments she brings to my attention. She loves to help others and at the end of the day, working with someone who has excellent character in addition to all her talents and work ethic she embodies is most valuable to me.

– Jennet Chow | CEO and Co-Founder of Evolution Design Lab

We met Linda about 10 years ago with work and right away connected.

 But it’s because if her honesty and integrity we’ve become such great friends and now have started investing with her. We both are so truly grateful to have had our friendship develop more over the years and now to work closely again.

– Richard and Tina Brown

You can’t get
your time back.

The most valuable thing in this life is time. The feeling that you’re ok and the grateful state of mind that comes with it. The ability to enjoy the right now, without worrying about anything.

That’s freedom. Let me help you leverage your hard work to build something for your future,


instead of just paying for your present.


I’m Linda.

I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked a 9-5 job, created a side hustle, and have been an entrepreneur. All as a single mom with only 24 hours to do everything. I’ve spent 25 years in real estate investing but never found a way to build my freedom and income without the volatility that came with it.

Through a journey of seeking out passive income opportunities, I found multi-family syndication to be the best way to hedge against inflation, with less volatility, and create a recession-proof way to build a life I enjoyed.

That’s when I started Essential Element Capital.

Grow your portfolio.
Grow your freedom.

If you’re a beginner and you haven’t invested in multi-family syndication, this is for you. If you have a larger portfolio already, this is for you too. With syndication, we offer people the opportunity to grow their money and consistently provide for a better life.

Essential Element Capital