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Linda Lim,

Founder / CEO


Linda Lim founded Essential Element Capital to help others create the freedom to enjoy their life through passive income. She sets the stage for her client’s success with a trained eye and unparalleled work ethic that puts her investors’ best interests above anything else. Her decades of experience in Finance and Real Estate give her an intuitive ability to problem solve, negotiate and help investors find rewarding opportunities.

Linda was born to an entrepreneurial family on the island of Java in Indonesia, earned her MBA in Finance, and is the proud mother of two young adults, Drake and Lily. She finds joy in spending time with them, traveling the world with her friends, and cooking (and finding) new foods.

She loves giving back to her community through years of service in local and nationwide charity organizations.

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If you’re a beginner and you haven’t invested in multi-family syndication, this is for you. If you have a larger portfolio already, this is for you too. With syndication, we offer people the opportunity to grow their money and consistently provide for a better life.

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